Newspapers USA, sales slump and increase visitors websites

Continue the negative period for newspapers in the US who see continued falling sales of paper editions.
The New York Times , one of the major US newspapers, was forced to sell some floors of the building in which its offices are located in order to cope with a debt of $ 400 million maturing in May 2009.
In return, are increasing visits on newspaper websites. The site of the New York Times, for example, saw a 6% increase in visitors in the last year, reaching 18.2 million daily contacts, even if the revenue from advertising on the site did not offset losses resulting from the edition paper.
New York Times that a little over a year ago has made ​​available free of all items on its site. And whose director, Sulzberger, claimed not to know, in February 2007, when five years later would still existed a print edition of the New York Times or if it existed only for the web edition.
For other newspapers, USA Today has seen an increase in visitors to its website by 15%, the Washington Post has seen an increase in visitors to its site by 12%, the Los Angeles Times has seen an increase in visitors to its site of 73 %, the Wall Street Journal had an increase of 34%.
A sign of how readers are shifting from traditional medium, the newspaper in paper form, to the new medium, the Internet. To know if this trend will have to wait irreversible.


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