Weapons, Italy second worldwide seller

According to a report by the US Congress in 2008 Italy was the second worldwide seller of weapons.
The United States remained in 2008 the first sellers of weapons in the world, followed, at a great distance, just from Italy that has surpassed the Russians. Italian arms sales in 2008 reached the figure of 3.7 billion versus $ 3.3 billion of russia (which in the previous year, 2007, had received 10.8 billion dollars for the sale of weapons).
70% of the weapons sold in 2008 by the Americans, for a total value of 29.6 billion dollars, ended up in the hands of the countries in the developing world.
And they were American-made the 68.4% of all weapons sold globally in 2008.

According to a search of the SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, International Institute for Peace Research in Stockholm) world military spending in 2008 reached 1.464 trillion US dollars, accounting for 2.4% of world GDP, an increase of 4% compared to 2007 and 45% compared to 1999.
During the eight years of the Bush presidency the US military spending has reached the levels of the second world war.
The US is the country with the highest military expenditure in 2008, 607 million dollars, equivalent to 41.5% of world military spending. In second place, and very distanced, China, with an estimated cost of nearly $ 85 billion, and France, with 65.7 billion dollars, Britain, with 65.3 billion, Russia, with an estimated cost of 58.6 billion , Germany, with 46.8 billion, Japan, with 46.3 billion, and Italy, with 40.6 billion, Saudi Arabia with 38.2 billion and India with 30 billion.
The $ 40 billion spent by Italy correspond to a per capita expenditure of $ 689, higher than the per capita expenditure German and Japanese, respectively, $ 568 and $ 361, but less than the expenditure per capita French, English and American, respectively, 1061, 1070 and $ 1967.

Among the ten largest companies in the world for the production of weapons, they see the Boeing in first place with 30 billion dollars of weapons sold and profits to $ 4 billion, the place is not even the Italian Finmeccanica with almost 10 billions of dollars of weapons sold (in 2007) and a profit of 713 million dollars.

In 2008 there were 60 peacekeeping operations that have seen committed up to 187 000 workers (166 000 soldiers and 21 000 civilians). Peacekeeping missions have helped 115 countries, the top 10 contributing countries were the USA, France, Pakistan, Great Britain, Bangladesh, India, Italy and Germany.


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