Broadband by 2012, allocated 1.47 billion of euro

The Deputy Minister of Economic Development with responsibility for Communications, Paolo Romani announced a plan of government intervention that aims to extend broadband throughout Italy by the end of 2012. Currently there are about 7.5 million Italians, 12% who do not have access to broadband. To cancel the digital divide, the government envisages an investment of EUR 1.471 billion in the next three years. According to Romans

Delete the 'digital divide' Italian coast 1.471 billion euro. By the end of 2012 all Italians will be able to connect to the Internet at a speed of between 2 and 20 megabits per second.

The plan of action of the government plans for civil works 763 850 000, the supply of software and hardware to 617.66 million and design activities in the value of 89.81 million. Much of the necessary funds (1:47 billion euro) will come from the government, some will come from European funds (the European Commission has allocated nearly a billion euro to the realization of broadband in Europe), and a part (at least 210 million euro ) will come from private individuals.
After this speech, the government, according to reports by the Secretary Romans, points to new targets

the medium-term objective, however, is the one described in the report Caio, or implement the new generation networks.
A major investment - estimated at about 10 billion euro - and complex because it occurs in vivo of the access network. The government aims to bring the fiber up to the house of the Italian offering an Internet connection to more than 50 megabits per second.


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