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The Flight of the Eagle
Explosions on the Sun

Two huge explosions were recorded on the Sun in recent days and taken from the Solar Dynamics Observatory. The first explosion occurred last Thursday (August 4), the second the next day. More explosions would be expected these days.

Brazil, huge chasm swallows the port

A massive landslide devastated on October 17 the area of ​​the port of Chibatão, in Brazil, creating a chasm by making cars and containers into the sea and causing two victims. The landslide occurred while they were underway to expand the port. The images were taken by a security camera [...]

A Meteorite against Jupiter

A Japanese amateur astronomer Masayuki Tachikawa, took over the impact of a meteorite against the largest planet in the solar system. The images were taken at 18:22:12 (UTC) on August 20. Just last June 3 an asteroid struck Jupiter.

An asteroid hitting Jupiter

Two amateur astronomers have observed in recent days an object crash into the planet Jupiter. The object, probably an asteroid or a meteorite crashed on Jupiter at 20:31 UTC on June 3, 2010, generating a strong glow. Anthony Wesley, one of the two amateur astronomers who observed the phenomenon (another amateur astronomer who observed [...]

The last flight of the shuttle Atlantis

The shuttle Atlantis took off at 14:20 local time (18:20 UTC, the 20:20 in Italy) for mission STS-132 scheduled to last 12 days. The return is scheduled for 26 May. The main objective of the mission will carry a Russian module Rassvet Mini-Research Module. This will be the last trip of the shuttle Atlantis, and [...]

The Solar Explosion

Thanks to the Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO), a space telescope launched in February this year to study the sun, NASA was able to capture images of a solar prominence (Solar prominence). One of the pictures was selected as "astronomy picture of the day". There is also a video

Sarah Palin and notes on hand

Sarah Palin has stumbled into a new gaffe. Speaking at a convention of the "Tea Party Movement" in Nashville, the former governor of Alaska (nominated as vice president for president of the USA 2008), he was "caught" by the cameras as he read the notes I had written on the palm hand. As a student who confides in just [...]

Cometa swallowed up by the Sun

Australian amateur astronomer Alan Watson, observing the images broadcast satellite SOHO (Solar Heliospheric Observatory) available online has identified a "comet grazing" (Sungrazing Comet). In the pictures you can see the comet heads towards the sun and is swallowed by the star.

Spectacular police chase

They look like the sequences of a film, and instead it's all real. The chase, needless to say, was held in the USA, in California, County of Orange.

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