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Local taxes, every citizen pays € 2,364 a year

The average local taxes paid by every citizen in the Italian regions of ordinary amounted in 2008 to EUR 2,364. Of these 2,364 €, 1,932 € are related to taxes in the region, € 344 in taxes of the municipality and 88 Euros in taxes in the province. The data is the result of a study of the [...]

The real tax burden in Italy is 52%

According to a study of Mestre Cgia the real tax burden in Italy in 2009 reached 51.9%, far more than the 43.2% reported by ISTAT. The research department of the artisans of Mestre arrived at this figure by removing the tax revenue-to-GDP ratio, which determines the tax burden, the underground economy. Istat in fact apply the rules dictated by [...]

Taxes, € 7800 per year for each Italian

According to a study Cgia Mestre weight tax (made of sun taxes, fees and taxes) on each Italian amounted to almost € 7800, € 7777 to be precise. While in Germany the per capita reaches 7052 Euros and the countries of the euro area only in France the tax burden is more [...]

Pressure Tax, Italy fifth in Europe

According to a report presented recently by Eurostat Italy ranks fifth in Europe in the tax burden. The tax burden in Italy reached 43.7% of GDP compared to an average of the 27 EU countries 39.8% and an average of the 16 countries of the euro by 40.4%. The tax burden in Italy [...]

Taxes on Labour, Italy first in Europe

Italy is the European country with the highest taxes on labor. This is shown by a report from Eurostat, the European statistical office. The report is based on data for 2007. In Italy the taxes and social security contributions account for 44% of the cost of labor, compared with 34.4% of the EU average. After [...]