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Clash of the satellites in orbit

On February 10, two satellites, one Russian and the other American collided in orbit. The US satellite was part of the Iridium system (group of communication satellites), while the satellite was a Russian military satellite (Kosmos-2251). The clash would be at about 800 km height. The debris resulting from the collision between the two [...]

NASA prepares mission to Jupiter

NASA announced the preparation of a new mission, the mission Juno (Juno), live on Jupiter. The launch of the satellite, which will be through an Atlas rocket from Cape Canaveral in Florida is scheduled for August 2011, and is expected to reach Jupiter in 2016. Once the satellite will orbit Jupiter reached [...]

Britain prepares its first mission to the Moon

Britain is preparing his first mission to the Moon. This was revealed by the British Sunday Telegraph, that the British government will approve by next month a mission that includes the launch of a satellite to the moon. The mission, whose name is Moon Lightweight Interior and Telecommunications Experiment (Moonlite) and the cost of which [...]