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Arriva PSP Go, the new PlayStation Portable

It was officially presented these days at the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles, going on June 2 to 4, the new PlayStation Portable from Sony, which will be called PSP Go.'s New PSP Go will be lighter (108 grams , 43% less than the current model) and smaller (screen [...]

"Changing the PlayStation is illegal"

Change the PlayStation in order to be able to use non-original games is illegal. It says a sentence, no. 1243, emitted by the Fourth Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court. According to the Supreme Court for the PlayStation video games are considered "intellectual property" and are therefore protected by the law on copyright. Change the PlayStation in [...]

Sony sold 17 million PlayStation 3

Since its debut in 2006, has sold nearly 17 million (16,840,000) of the PlayStation 3, Sony announces. During the second quarter of fiscal 2008, which ended Sept. 30, were sold 2.43 million PlayStation 3, which added to the 14.41 million sold by June 30, 2008, bringing the total [...]

Playstation, Sony refers to exit the game for fear reactions Muslims

Sony has postponed the release of the game Little Big Planet scheduled for October 24. The reason that led to the postponement Sony is the presence of a song from the soundtrack of the game that contains some verses of the Koran. The message came from a Muslim on an online forum. Sony, which had already delivered [...]

Apple has sold more than 200 million episodes of TV series

Apple announced last week that the four major networks, ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, offer programs in primetime on the iTunes store. Apple sold through the iTunes store, online store for the sale of music and film run by Apple, more than 200 million episodes of TV series, over 1 million of [...]