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Microsoft: sold 30 million Xbox 360

Microsoft announced in the days classes have reached the 30 million Xbox 360 sold, also the online service Xbox Live has over 20 million active users. The announcement of the Redmond arrived before the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) being 2 to 4 June in Los Angeles, the annual fair [...]

The crisis also affects the High Tech companies

The current economic crisis begins to claim victims even in the High Tech. Seagate announced a few days ago a cut of 6% of its workforce (about 3,000 layoffs) and reduce the salaries of its officers up to 25%. Seagate expects to recover € 130 million a year due to the restructuring, the [...]

NVidia, turnover almost halved

NVidia announced yesterday that it has lowered its revenue forecast for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2009, which ends on 25 January. NVidia expects a turnover of between 448.9 and 538.6 million dollars. Falling between 40% and 50% compared to 897.7 million dollars in [...]

Apple has sold more than 200 million episodes of TV series

Apple announced last week that the four major networks, ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, offer programs in primetime on the iTunes store. Apple sold through the iTunes store, shop online for the sale of music and movies maintained by Apple, more than 200 million episodes of TV series, over 1 million of [...]