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More than 23 million Internet users in Italy

According to research company Nielsen, the number of Internet users in Italy reached 23.6 million in October 2009, 700 000 users in more than the previous month and two million more than the previous year. From a research Comscore April 2009 the number of internet users in Italy was [...]

An Italian on two does not sail on the internet

Nearly one out of two Italian does not sail on the internet, is the result of the survey Nielsen "Separated at home: Italians between culture and technology" prepared for the Permanent Observatory on digital content. The number of Italians who connect to the network has greatly increased in the last two years, from 23 million to 28 million, but the [...]

In Italy 21 million Internet users

The Italian who sailed at least once on the internet in April 2009 were 21 million 230 thousand. This is shown by a report of Comscore. Since this relationship is known as Italy is on the fifth place in Europe for the number of unique users of the Internet. Germany ranked first, with 40 [...]

Mozilla Firefox 3.1, released the beta 3

Released the third beta of Firefox 3.1. The release notes are available on this page. You can download from this page or directly from these links: Firefox Setup 3.1 Beta 3.exe (7.4 MB), firefox-3.1b3.tar.bz2 (9.1 MB), Firefox 3.1 Beta 3.dmg (16 , 7 MB).

The 25 best blogs of 2009 according to Time

Published ranking of the best blogs of 2009 according to the American weekly Time. Unlike the rankings in 2008, which featured the blog of Beppe Grillo, in the ranking of 2009 does not appear any Italian blog. At the top of the ranking is square Talking Points Memo blog was born in November 2000, followed by the second [...]

Newspapers USA, sales slump and increase visitors websites

Continue the negative period for newspapers in the US who see continued falling sales of paper editions. The New York Times, one of the major US newspapers, was forced to sell some floors of the building in which its offices are located in order to cope with a debt of 400 million [...]