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Google Nexus One, common technical specifications

They have been issued specifications of the Nexus One, the Google branded Android smartphone and manufactured by HTC. The specifications have been published on the website The Nexus One will be equipped with a 5 megapixel camera, 512 MB flash memory and a microSD card included 4 GB, and Android 2.1. Nexus One should [...]

China blocks Google

Wednesday night (June 24) and for several hours it was impossible to connect to from China, and some Google services such as GMail. Already last week the Chinese regime had ordered Google to "suspend the research on foreign network" on The official reason for this order was that Google did not clash [...]

The Google Phone arrives in Italy

The HTC Dream (also known as G1), the first smartphone with Android operating system, makes its debut on the Italian market. Presented in September 2008 on sale in the US as of October 22, 2008 starting from next week will be available, along with also the model HTC Magic (known as G2), also in Italy. The HTC Dream [...]

The crisis also affects companies High Tech

The economic crisis currently taking place begins to claim victims even in the High Tech. Seagate has recently announced a cut of 6% of its workforce (about 3,000 layoffs) and reduce salaries to its officials by up to 25%. Seagate expects to recover 130 million euro a year thanks to the restructuring, the [...]

Google Earth arrives on the iPhone

Google has announced that its Google Earth program will be available free on iPhone and iPod Touch. With Google Earth on the iPhone you can read Wikipedia articles geolocated Search for cities, places, businesses around the globe with Google Local Search View the Panoramio layer and browse through millions of geo-located images in [...]