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The wealth of Italian households drops to 8.619 trillion of Euros

The wealth of Italian households down compared to previous years. This is what reveals a study by the Bank of Italy. In 2011, the Italian household wealth has reached 8.619 billion euro, equivalent to just over 140 thousand euro per capita, and 350 thousand Euros per family. Of these 8.619 billion on 62.8% are [...]

Italian fifth for household wealth

According to a study by the International Monetary Fund, Global Financial Stability Report (available here in PDF format), Italian households are ranked fifth in the world for financial wealth. The financial wealth of Italian households, calculated on pension funds, government bonds and equity in 2010 is equal to 234% of GDP [...]

Bank of Italy, the Italian household wealth amounted to 9,500 billion euro

According to a study by the Bank of Italy, the gross wealth in the hands of Italian households at the end of 2009 was estimated at about 9,500 billion (€ 9.448 trillion to be precise), the net wealth was estimated at 8.6 trillion Euros, approximately 350 thousand Euros per family. The wealth at the end of 2009 increased by 1% .1 [...]

Growing GDP in the euro area

In the first quarter of 2010, GDP in the euro area and the EU grew by 0.2% compared to the previous quarter, as it reveals a Eurostat report. Compared to the first quarter of the previous year's GDP in the euro area grew by 0.6% in the EU, the increase was 0.5%. In France, GDP grew in [...]

Euro area, the unemployment rate is 10.1%

The euro area unemployment rate has reached 10.1% in April compared with 10% the previous month, 0.9% more than in April 2009 (when it was at 9.2%). This is what emerges from a Eurostat report. The unemployment rate in the European Union has reached 9.7% in April, the same level as the previous month, [...]

Euro Zone, the deficit / GDP ratio in 2009 reached 6.3%

The deficit / GDP ratio in 2009 reached 6.3%, compared to 2% in 2008 in the euro area and 6.8%, compared to 2.3% in 2008, in the European Union. This is indicated by a Eurostat report. In particular, the gross domestic product at market prices in the euro area (16 countries of the euro) in 2009 reached above [...]

Italy in the PIIGS?

In recent days the European stock markets suffered heavy losses, to weigh on European markets concerns the accounts of some European Union countries. Initially, the country that aroused the greatest concern was Greece. Greece have been added in the last days Spain and Portugal. The EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs [...]

Growing household debt Italian

The total indebtedness of Italian families has grown in 2009 surpassing 524 billion euro, reveals a study by the Cgia Mestre. Average debt per household was 21,270 Euros. In the rest of Europe, however, the situation is worse than the Italian. In Spain, the household debt reached 896.7 billion [...]

China became the world's biggest exporter, after the Germany

China has become the world's number one exporter surpassing Germany. According to data released by the Federal Office of Statistics in Wiesbaden Germany in the first 11 months of 2009, German exports totaled 734.6 billion euro, equivalent to 1,050 billion dollars (exports in November grew by 1% .6 respect [...]

In the EU, 6% of the population is foreign

According to a report by Eurostat to January 1, 2008 in the 27 countries of the EU were 30.8 million foreign nationals. Of these, 11.3 million are citizens of an EU resident in another EU member state while the remaining 19.5 million are immigrants. Of the 19.5 million to 6 million non-EU citizens coming from [...]

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