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Facebook is now worth US $ 6.5 billion

The Russian company Digital Sky Technologies, the same as that already in late May had acquired 1.95% of the shares of Facebook, has offered to employees of Facebook 14.77 dollars per share for the company's securities in their possession. Multiplying 14.77 dollars for the number of shares of Facebook you arrive at the figure of 6.5 billion [...]

Facebook retrieves the .it domain

The Center dispute resolution domains (CRDD) announced that it had relocated to the Facebook domain '.com', which had been the subject of 'cybersquatting'. The procedure for the reassignment of the domain lasted just 40 days, and within 30 days Italian users can access Facebook directly through the site Although in this case [...]

Boom year for social networks. Facebook + 699%, 3712% + Twitter

A truly amazing year for social networks (although not all). According to an analysis of the Nielsen company in the US alone the time spent (minutes past) by users on social networks increased by 83% last year. Examine each case can be seen as the number of minutes spent by users to [...]