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U.S. federal deficit record in April: 82.69 billion dollars

Record federal deficit for the United States in April, the deficit has reached 82.69 billion U.S. dollars. Quadruple the deficit in April 2009 amounted to 20.9 billion euro, and much higher than the 45 billion expected by analysts. By April is the nineteenth consecutive month that ends in liabilities. Since the beginning of [...]

Euro Zone, the deficit / GDP ratio in 2009 reached 6.3%

The deficit / GDP ratio in 2009 reached 6.3%, compared to 2% in 2008 in the euro area and 6.8%, compared to 2.3% in 2008, in the European Union. This is indicated by a Eurostat report. In particular, the gross domestic product at market prices in the euro area (16 countries of the euro) in 2009 reached above [...]