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95% of companies have fewer than 10 employees

Italy is the country of small (and medium) enterprises. To confirm a study ISTAT 2009 that 95% of Italian companies have fewer than 10 employees (micro enterprises) and employs 47% of total employment, and 65.2%, about 3 million businesses, has not no employee. Companies active in industry and [...]

USA, other four failed banks. Are 142 in 2010

The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Federal Deposit Insurance Fund) has ordered the closure of four other banks in the US. The K Bank, with 538.3 million dollars in assets, the Pierce Commercial Bank, with 221.1 million dollars in assets, the Western Commercial Bank, with 98.6 million dollars in assets, and [...]

US, 45 million poor

The economic crisis continues to affect seriously the US, according to the latest census figures (for the year 2009) that were anticipated by the Associated Press, the poverty rate in the US has suffered a sharp rise. Out of a population of 307 million people as many as 45 million, or about 15% of the population (ie an American [...]

Cameron: "huge debt, in view of years of sacrifice"

In an interview with the Sunday Times, the new Prime Minister David Cameron English promises years of sacrifice for Britain "There is a huge debt that must be addressed. Cross your fingers, waiting for growth and hope to do it is not an answer "" One of the most shocking is the extent of the interest we pay on the [...]

Growing GDP in the euro area

In the first quarter of 2010, GDP in the euro area and the EU grew by 0.2% compared to the previous quarter, is what reveals a Eurostat report. Compared to the first quarter of the previous year, GDP in the euro area grew by 0.6%, in the EU, the increase was 0.5%. In France, GDP grew in the [...]

Euro area unemployment reaches 10.1%

The euro area unemployment rate has reached 10.1% in April compared to 10% the previous month, 0.9% more than in April 2009 (when it was at 9.2%). This is shown by a Eurostat report. The unemployment rate in the EU reached 9.7% in April, the same level of the previous month, [...]

US federal deficit record in April: 82.69 billion dollars

Record federal deficit for the United States in April, the deficit has reached 82.69 billion dollars. Quadruple the deficit in April 2009, amounting to 20.9 billion euro, and much higher than the 45 billion expected by analysts. Through April is the nineteenth consecutive month that ends in the passive. Since the beginning of the year [...]

The EU launches maxi-plan 750 billion euro

A plan of 750 billion Euros (about 1000 billion dollars), was launched yesterday by the EU finance ministers at an extraordinary meeting of ECOFIN in Brussels. The maxi-plan for more than $ 700 billion includes the creation of a fund of 500 billion euro that will be borne by the EU, in particular [...]

Euro zone, the deficit / GDP ratio in 2009 reached 6.3%

The deficit / GDP ratio in 2009 reached 6.3%, compared to 2% in 2008, in the euro area and 6.8%, compared to 2.3% in 2008, in the European Union. This is revealed by a Eurostat report. In particular, the gross domestic product at market prices in euro (16 euro countries) reached in 2009 share [...]

Italy in the PIIGS?

In recent days, European stock markets suffered heavy losses, to weigh on European markets concerns the accounts of some EU countries. Initially, the country that aroused the greatest concern was Greece. Greece were added in the last days in Spain and Portugal. The EU commissioner for economic affairs [...]

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