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Ranking engagements Serie A 2010-2011

La Gazzetta dello Sport published an analysis relating to contracts with players in Serie A next season 2010/2011. According to this analysis the 494 players in Serie A will receive fees for a total of 802 million euro, a decrease of EUR 840.4 million compared to the previous season. The highest paid player in the [...]

The ranking of the most valuable football club to Forbes

Published the annual ranking by Forbes magazine on the company concedes that are worth more. The ranking disclosed a few days ago refers to the period from June 2008 to June 2009 The ranking once again sees Manchester United in first place with an estimated value of 1,835,000 dollars. [...]

The Real Madrid is still the richest team in the world

Deloitte has published the annual report "Football Money League" based on revenues of the budgets of club football at June 30, 2009 The Real Madrid is confirmed, for the fifth consecutive year the company has achieved the highest sales, with 401.4 million euro. In second place Barcelona, ​​last year's winner of the Champions [...]

Amounts of Calcium

According to a study published by Il Sole 24 ore 20 first division clubs have debts of € 1.882 billion. 22.9% of these debts would be paid by the Inter single, which ended the year at 30 June 2009 with a total gross debt of € 431.55 million (an increase over the 395 [...]

Ranking engagements Serie A, Inter one that spends more

According to a survey published today by the Gazzetta dello Sport Mount for engagements before the Serie A season that has just begun (2009/2010) is 840.4 million euro. The highest paid player in Serie A, after the departure of Ibrahimovic who earned € 13 million a year, is the new signing Eto'o Inter [...]

Serie A submerged in debt

According to a study published in recent days on Il Sole 24 Ore and for the year 2007-2008 football clubs in Serie A would have a gross debt of no less than 2.105 billion Euros. 62% of this debt is concentrated in only 5 companies: Inter, Milan, Juventus, Roma and Lazio. In particular Inter would have, according to [...]

The ranking of the companies Soccer that are worth more according to Forbes

Forbes annually conduct an evaluation of the major European clubs and draws up a list considering different data such as the estimated value of the company, the debt / value entries. The ranking of the Year 2009 sees Manchester United in first place with an estimated value of 1.87 billion dollars, followed by Real Madrid in the second [...]

The ranking of the richest football clubs

Deloitte has published the annual study "Football Money League" on the financial performance of the leading football clubs. The study is now in its twelfth edition, and is based on the financial information of the 2007-2008 season. On the basis of this study, the Real Madrid confirmed the European club with the highest turnover, amounting to [...]