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The ADSL Italian 45th in the world download speed

According to data provided by, regarding download speeds Italy came in at 45-th place in the world, with an average of 4.90 Mb / s. The situation is worse for the upload speed, to which Italy is a close 79-th place in the world, with an average 0.59 Mb / s. For [...]

Broadband by 2012, allocated 1.47 billion of euro

Deputy Minister of Economic Development with responsibility for Communications, Paolo Romani announced an action plan of the government which aims to extend broadband throughout Italy by the end of 2012. Currently there are about 7.5 million Italians, 12% , who do not have access to broadband. To cancel [...]

ADSL Speed ​​Test, measure the speed of your ADSL

They are available on different service sites that allow you to calculate the speed of its ADSL. NetMeter. It will automatically choose a server for testing, but you can set a different one by clicking on "view more websites". Then click on "start text - speedtest" to begin the test, indicating the [...]