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Launched the X-37B

It started last night at 19:52 local time, 00:52 Italian time, the space base at Cape Canaveral in Florida, the X-37B, named for its first flight US-212. The X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV) is an experimental aircraft (hence the X in the name) unmanned, that is able to land without the need of [...]

2009 record for the Italian wind, +30%

The year just ended was a record year for wind power in Italy. In 2009, installed 1,100 megawatts of wind power, 30% more than the previous year, and efficient wind power has reached 4,850 megawatts. According to data released by Anev (National Association of wind energy), ENEA (National Agency for the new [...]

Microsoft unveils new HP tablet

Steve Ballmer presented during the Microsoft keynote at CES in Las Vegas, the new tablet developed in collaboration with HP, and Steve Jobs who beats her in a few weeks (January 26) will present the Apple tablet. Were not revealed the technical specifications of this tablet pc (also called Slate), it seems [...]

Google Nexus One, common technical specifications

Have been issued the specifications of the Nexus One, the Android smartphone branded Google and manufactured by HTC. The specifications have been published on the website The Nexus One will be equipped with a 5 megapixel camera, 512 MB flash memory and a microSD card included 4 GB, and Android 2.1. Nexus One should [...]

The Return of Nuclear power in Italy

Approved today by the Senate the bill on the development with 154 votes in favor, 1 against and 1 abstention (which is equivalent to the Senate to vote against). The opposition did not participate in the voting. The approved bill contains important news on several fronts, such as the introduction of class action, which will not come, however, in [...]

Sold 1 million iPhone 3GS

In a statement, Apple announced that it sold over 1 million iPhone 3GS after three days since launch. In addition, six million customers have downloaded the new iPhone 3.0 software in the first five days after its release. "Customers are voting and the iPhone is winning," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "With [...]

Apple's upcoming new iPhone 3G S

At Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference being 8 to 12 June at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, everyone was waiting for Steve Jobs, but not seen. In its place, Phil Schiller, Apple's vice president, who presented the new iPhone 3G S, the fastest, most powerful iPhone ever as it is presented on [...]

New Nokia N97

Nokia unveiled N97 mobile computer intended to compete with the iPhone. The Nokia N97 is a GSM Quadband 850/900/1800/1900 and WCDMA 900/1900/2100, HSDPA data connection is 900/HSDPA 1900/HSDPA, 2100. It features a TFT touch screen of 3.5 inches 360 x 640 pixels and 16 million colors, and a keyboard [...]

PSP Go arrives, the new PlayStation Portable

It was officially presented these days at the fair E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles, being 2 to 4 June, the new Sony PlayStation Portable, which will be called PSP Go The new PSP Go will be lighter (108 grams , 43% less than the current model) and smaller (screen [...]

Release the HDMI 1.4 specification

Friday 29 May was announced the release of the HDMI 1.4 specification. The release had been announced a few days ago but then was denied, now is the right time. The specification HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) 1.4 will be available for download on the website no later than June 30 [...]

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