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Pluto, the images of New Horizons

By mounting the images captured by the space probe to Pluto New Horizons, NASA has produced a new video

Gigantic storm on Saturn

A huge storm is going on for months on Saturn, on 15 March, the Cassini spacecraft has taken some impressive images of the storm. The storm covers an area 500 times the area covered by the storms so far observed on Saturn. The Cassini spacecraft has taken pictures from a distance of approximately 1.9 million kilometers [...]

Discovered the "missing mass" of the universe

A student of aerospace engineering who worked as an intern with a scholarship at the University of Monash in Melbourne, Amelia Fraser-McKelvie, aged 22, was able to locate the "missing mass" of the universe. As explained by its rapporteur, Kevin Pimbblet, of the School of Physics "It was thought from a theoretical point of view that the universe should be about [...]

The new 3D map of the universe

Astronomers at the University of Portsmouth, England, have created the most comprehensive map 3D map of the universe. The map, which covers 95% of the sky, and was submitted to 218esimo conference of the American Astronomical Society, shows all visible structures within 380 million light years from Earth, including about 45,000 nearby galaxies [...]

Amateur photographer captures the Milky Way with 37,440 shots

Nick Risinger, an American amateur photographer, was able to reconstruct a complete picture of the Milky Way from well 37440 photos that he has taken in recent months from various points on Earth. Risinger has traveled from the US to South Africa to achieve the over 37,000 photos from which [...]

The dual solar eruption

Yesterday, January 28, the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) has taken a double eruption on the solar surface. The two eruptions occurred almost simultaneously and in opposite sides of the sun. The Solar Dynamics Observatory is a space telescope launched by NASA in February 2010 to study the Sun and that [...]

A Meteorite against Jupiter

A Japanese amateur astronomer Masayuki Tachikawa, took over the impact of a meteorite against the largest planet in the solar system. The images were taken at 18:22:12 (UTC) on August 20. Just last June 3 an asteroid struck Jupiter.

An asteroid hitting Jupiter

Two amateur astronomers have observed in recent days an object crash into the planet Jupiter. The object, probably an asteroid or a meteorite crashed on Jupiter at 20:31 UTC on June 3, 2010, generating a strong glow. Anthony Wesley, one of the two amateur astronomers who observed the phenomenon (another amateur astronomer who observed [...]

Planet devoured by its star

A planet devoured by its star, is the phenomenon that has been identified thanks to a new tool of the Hubble Space Telescope, the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS). The phenomenon, in which there is transfer of material between the celestial body and the star, was already known, but in the past it was observed only between pairs [...]

Jupiter loses one of its bands

Jupiter has lost one of its bands. Of the two bands of brown color existing, one above the other below the equator, it is only one left, one above the equator. The discovery was made by an Australian amateur astronomer on May 9 that then published on the Internet [...]

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