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Trade with foreign countries, as China surpasses the U.S.

The value of trade with foreign countries of China, in 2013, exceeded that of the United States. The value of goods exported and imported from China in 2013 reached 4.16 trillion U.S. dollars (+ 7.6% compared to 2012), according to figures released by the Chinese government. In particular, China's exports have reached [...]

The wealth of Italian households drops to 8.619 trillion of Euros

The wealth of Italian households down compared to previous years. This is what reveals a study by the Bank of Italy. In 2011, the Italian household wealth has reached 8.619 billion euro, equivalent to just over 140 thousand euro per capita, and 350 thousand Euros per family. Of these 8.619 billion on 62.8% are [...]

Giant storm on Saturn

A giant storm has been ongoing for months on Saturn, on 15 March, the Cassini spacecraft has taken some impressive images of the storm. The storm covers an area 500 times greater than the area covered by the storms on Saturn observed so far. The Cassini spacecraft has taken pictures from a distance of approximately 1.9 million kilometers [...]

95% of companies have less than 10 employees

Italy is a country of small (and medium) enterprises. To confirm a study ISTAT in 2009 that 95% of Italian firms have less than 10 employees (micro enterprises) and employs 47% of total employment and 65.2%, about 3 million businesses, has not No employee. Companies active in the industry and [...]

Discovered the "missing mass" of the Universe

A student of aerospace engineering who worked as an intern with a scholarship from Monash University in Melbourne, Amelia Fraser-McKelvie, 22, was able to locate the "missing mass" of the Universe. As explained by its rapporteur, Kevin Pimbblet, School of Physics "It was thought from a theoretical point of view that in the universe there should be some [...]

The wealth of Italian households rose to 9.732 billion euro of

The wealth of Italian households has reached 9.732 billion euro in 2010, with an average annual growth of 2.83% in the period 2003-2010, according to a study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers Observatory and the University of Parma. The 37.29% of this wealth, amounting to 3.63 trillion Euros, consists of financial assets (in 2003 it was the [...]

Bank of Italy, the Italian household wealth amounted to 9,500 billion euro

According to a study by the Bank of Italy, the gross wealth in the hands of Italian households at the end of 2009 was estimated at about 9,500 billion (€ 9.448 trillion to be precise), the net wealth was estimated at 8.6 trillion Euros, approximately 350 thousand Euros per family. The wealth at the end of 2009 increased by 1% .1 [...]

U.S., 4 other failed banks. There are 142 in 2010

The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Federal Deposit Insurance Fund) has ordered the closure of four other banks in the United States. The K Bank, with 538.3 million dollars in assets, Pierce Commercial Bank, with 221.1 million dollars in assets, the Western Commercial Bank, with 98.6 million dollars in assets, and [...]

U.S., 45 million poor

The economic crisis continues to affect heavily the U.S., according to the latest census figures (for 2009) that were anticipated by the Associated Press, the poverty rate in the U.S. has suffered a sharp rise. Out of a population of 307 million people as many as 45 million, or about 15% of the population (ie an American [...]

Ranking engagements Serie A 2010-2011

La Gazzetta dello Sport published an analysis relating to contracts with players in Serie A next season 2010/2011. According to this analysis the 494 players in Serie A will receive salary for a total of € 802 million, a decrease of EUR 840.4 million compared to the previous season. The highest paid player in the [...]

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