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News to pay only 35 subscribers in three months to Newsday

In recent months there has been a great discussion about the possibility, advanced by some publishers (the most active in this sense seems to Rupert Murdoch), to make payment to the news sites. This even after the bad news on the front of the sales of newspapers in print and on the economic crisis, which [...]

Google News to pay only 5 articles per day will be free

Google has decided to provide the opportunity for publishers to limit the number of hits for free, from Google services (like Google News), web pages of their newspapers. "We decided to allow publishers to limit the number of free access to five user access to websites a day," writes a blog on the official [...]

Paid News: Bloomberg thinks, Murdoch brakes

According to the Wall Street Journal Bloomberg would be thinking of setting up a subscription in order to access certain sections of your site The head of Bloomberg's web activities, Kevin Krim, would like to reserve certain sections of the site, now completely free of charge, only those who subscribe to a subscription for $ 1000 a year. Time will tell if [...]

The Internet is the most popular source of information in the U.S.

According to a survey conducted by the U.S. company Zogby Interactive and Reuters news agency reported source of information is the Internet's most popular and above TV, radio and newspapers. The application can choose a single source of information which would you choose more than 50% of respondents to the survey said the Internet, 21% [...]

The Chamber of Deputies on YouTube

It was inaugurated yesterday the YouTube channel of the Chamber of Deputies. To welcome users to the President of the Chamber Gianfranco Fini On this page you can follow live coverage of the work of the Chamber of Deputies.

Newspapers U.S. sales slump and increase website visitors

Continue the negative period for newspapers in the U.S. who see to decrease steadily, sales of printed editions. The New York Times, one of the most important U.S. newspapers, was forced to offer for sale a few floors of the building in which its offices are located in order to cope with a debt of 400 million [...]

New York Times sells the home in crisis

The economic crisis currently under way also affects the media, the New York Times has decided to sell part of its new building designed by Renzo Piano and completed in 2007. The newspaper announced that it is under "advanced negotiations" for the sale of 19 of the 52 floors of its new headquarters [...]

Apple has sold over 200 million episodes of TV series

Apple announced last week that the four major networks, ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC will offer primetime programs on the iTunes store. Apple has sold through the iTunes store, shop online for the sale of music and movies run by Apple, more than 200 million episodes of TV series, over 1 million of [...]