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Via certified mail to the 50 million Italians

Inaugurated today by the Minister of Public Function, Renato Brunetta, together with the President of Telecom, Gabriele Galateri di Genola, and the CEO of the Italian Post Office, Sarmi the service of certified mail "@ PostaCertificat". The service will be available for every Italian citizen, age (estimated around 50 million Italians), and through the mail [...]

News for money, only 35 subscribers in three months to Newsday

In recent months there has been a great discussion about the possibility, advanced by some publishers (the most active in this sense seems to Rupert Murdoch), to make payment to news sites. This even after the bad news on the front of the sales of newspapers in print and on the current economic crisis, which [...]

The Italian 45th in the world for ADSL download speed

According to data provided by, as regards the speed of downloads, Italy is the 45-th place worldwide, with an average of 4.90 Mb / s. The situation is worse for the upload speed, for which Italy is a close 79-th place worldwide, with an average of 0.59 Mb / s. For [...]

Over 23 million Internet users in Italy

According to research company Nielsen, the number of Internet users in Italy reached 23.6 million in October 2009, 700,000 users in more than a month earlier and two million more than last year. From a research Comscore in April 2009, the number of Internet users in Italy was [...]

Google News for money, only 5 articles per day will be free

Google has decided to provide the opportunity for publishers to limit the number of accesses for free, from Google services (like Google News), the web pages of their newspapers. "We have decided to allow publishers to limit the number of free access to five user access to web a day," writes a blog on the official [...]

Paid News: Bloomberg thinks, Murdoch brakes

According to the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg would be thinking to set up a subscription to access some sections of its website The head of the web activities of Bloomberg, Kevin Krim, would like to reserve certain sections of the site, now fully free only to those who subscribe to a subscription of 1000 dollars a year. Time will tell if [...]

An Italian of two does not surf the internet

Nearly one out of two Italian surfing the Internet, is the result of the Nielsen "Separated at home: the Italians between culture and technology" developed for the permanent observatory on digital content. The number of Italians who are connected to the network is greatly increased over the past two years, rising from 23 million to 28 million, but the [...]

To Obama control of the Web

The U.S. Senate was presented with a bill that is alarming the world wide web. The bill provides that in case of national emergency the President of the United States may be given the power to control the internet by disconnecting the computer from the private network. The bill drafted by Jay Rockefeller, [...]

Facebook is now worth $ 6.5 billion

The Russian company Digital Sky Technologies, the same as at the end of May had already acquired a .95% stake in Facebook, Facebook has offered employees to 14.77 dollars a share for the company's securities in their possession. 14.77 U.S. dollars by multiplying by the number of shares of Facebook you arrive at the figure of 6.5 billion [...] will return in July

Sometimes they come back. This is the case of portal, first opened, then closed after it had cost tens of millions of euros now and then reopened. What will review the light made the announcement the day before yesterday the Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi "Even at the G8 in L'Aquila have prepared an exhibition space for the [...]

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