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Fujitsu announces world's fastest CPU

Fujitsu has introduced a new CPU, called Venus SPARC64 VIIIfx defined as the world's fastest. The new CPU, manufactured with 45 nanometer process, has 8 cores and computing power of 128 gigaflops, three times faster than the previous SPARC64 VII processor, built with a quadcore CPU process [...]

In 2010, Intel CPU with integrated GPU

According to rumors, Intel will introduce the first CPU with integrated GPU in the first quarter of 2010. Initially, the models with integrated GPU should be those commonly known Havendale and Auburndale with 45 nm manufacturing process, but Intel seems geared to delete these two models and directly produce a model, codenamed Clarkdale, 32 [...]

Nehalem coming in November?

Little miss should arrive on the market for new family of Intel processors, codenamed Nehalem, whose output was expected by the end of 2008. Intel CEO Paul Otellini confirmed Intel has begun shipments of the processors to its customers. According to some sources gathered by TG Daily launch [...]