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Microsoft introduces the new HP Tablet

Steve Ballmer has, during the Microsoft keynote at CES in Las Vegas, the new tablet in collaboration with HP, and beat Steve Jobs that in a few weeks (January 26) will present the tablet from Apple. Were not revealed to the specifications of this tablet PC (also called Slate), it seems [...]

Nokia announces 3G Booklet, its first Netbook

Nokia announced 3G Booklet, his first computer, which comes after 25 years in the field of mobile phones in the market for portable computers. The new 3G Booklet will be shown at the Nokia World in early September. The Booklet 3G features the Intel Atom processor, will have a Windows operating system, probably [...]

Western Digital has the 1 TB hard drive for notebook

Western Digital has announced two new 2.5-inch hard drive family Scorpio Blue with a capacity of 750 gigabytes, WD7500KEVT model, and 1 terabyte model WD10TEVT. The 1 terabyte hard drive, the first 2.5-inch to reach this size, will consist of three dishes each that will run from 333 gigabytes to 5200 rpm. [...]

NVidia Launches New Mobile GPUs

In recent days, NVidia has announced the launch of five new mobile GPU. The new GPUs are built with the new manufacturing process to 40 nm. The new GPU G210M, GT 230M, 240M GT, GTS and GTS 250M 260M should represent a reasonable improvement over previous generation models. According to NVidia's new [...]

Serial ATA 3.0 specification released

The Serial ATA Internationa Organization (SATA-IO) has issued last week the Serial ATA specification 3.0. The new specification is backward compatible with earlier versions of the SATA specification. With the new specifications will double the bandwidth, the peak bandwidth of up to 6 GB / sec (the peak bandwidth of SATA 2 was 3 GB / sec). [...]

HDMI 1.4 specification released

Friday May 29 was announced the release of the HDMI 1.4 specification. The issue had already been announced a few days ago but then was denied, now is the right time. The HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) 1.4 will be available for download on the website not later than June 30 [...]

Fujitsu presents the world's fastest CPU

Fujitsu has introduced a new CPU, called Venus SPARC64 VIIIfx, defined as the fastest in the world. The new CPU, built with a 45-nanometer process, has 8 cores and computing power of 128 Gigaflops, three times faster than the previous SPARC64 VII processor, built with a quadcore CPU process [...]

Samsung begins production of GDDR5 memory at 7 GHz

Samsung announced that it has begun mass production of GDDR5 memory to 50 nm. Designed to support a maximum data transfer rate of 7.0Gbps (gigabits per second), the Samsung GDDR5 memory have a maximum bandwidth of 224 GB / s 448-GB / s depending on whether there is a memory bus [...]

In 2010, Intel CPU with integrated GPU

According to rumors, Intel will introduce the first CPU with integrated GPU in the first quarter of 2010. Initially, the models with integrated GPU would be the ones called Auburndale and Havendale with a 45 nm manufacturing process, but Intel seems geared to delete these two models and directly produce a model, code-named Clarkdale, 32 [...]

The crisis also hit the High Tech Companies

The ongoing economic crisis begins to claim victims even in the High Tech sector. Seagate has announced a cut in recent days by 6% of its workforce (about 3000 redundancies) and reduce the salaries of its officials up to 25%. Seagate expects to recover € 130 million a year due to restructuring, from [...]

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