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Bioshock 2 in a 9-minute video

Released a new video, which lasts nine minutes, on Bioshock 2, the sequel to the successful first-person shooter Bioshock, created by 2K Games. Bioshock 2 should hit the shelves in the fall of 2009 for PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. Unlike the first in this sequel to Bioshock you can play multiplayer.

"Changing the PlayStation is illegal"

Change the PlayStation in order to use non-original games is illegal. This was stated by a sentence, No 1243, issued by the Fourth Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court. According to the Supreme Court for the PlayStation video games are considered "intellectual property" and therefore are protected by copyright. Change the PlayStation [...]

Sony sold 17 million PlayStation 3

Since its debut in 2006 has sold nearly 17 million (16.84 million) PlayStation 3, Sony announces it. During the second quarter of fiscal 2008, which ended Sept. 30, has sold 2.43 million PlayStation 3, which added to the 14.41 million sold before June 30, 2008 brings the total [...]

It kills the avatar of her husband and is arrested

They had met in an internet game, Maple Story, in which players can create a character and through this character can initiate relationships with other characters created by other players. Their characters were married in the game, although they had not ever seen him in the face living in Tokyo and [...]

Playstation, Sony opens game exit for fear of Muslim reaction

Sony has postponed the release of Little Big Planet game scheduled for Oct. 24. The reason that prompted Sony to court is the presence of a song from the soundtrack of the game that contains some verses from the Koran. The alert came as a Muslim on an online forum. Sony, which had already delivered [...]

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