Household Wealth Italian drops to 8.619 trillion of euro

The Italian household wealth falls than in previous years. This is what reveals a study by the Bank of Italy.

In 2011 the Italian household wealth has reached 8.619 billion euro, equivalent to just over 140 thousand euro per capita, and 350 thousand euro per household. Of these 8.619 billion the 62.8% are made up of real assets, the 37.2% of financial assets, financial liabilities by 9.5%. In 2011, real assets have increased by 1.3%, while financial assets decreased by 3.4% and liabilities increased by 2.1%.

Total net wealth at current prices declined in 2011 by 0.7%. In real terms the wealth has shrunk by 3.4%. Since late 2007, the year in which wealth has reached its peak in real terms, to 2011 the decline in wealth was equal to 5.8%. According to preliminary estimates, the decline continued in the first half of 2012, a decline of 0.5% in nominal terms compared with the end of last December.

At the end of 2011, the housing wealth was estimated at just over 5,000 billion Euros, about 200 thousand euro for family, value at current prices increased by 1.3% compared to 2010. In real terms there was a decrease of ' 1.4%.

Of the 900 billion euro liabilities of 42% consisted of loans for the purchase of a house, the debt was 13.6% for consumption needs.

Compared to other countries, Italian families still show a high net wealth, amounting in 2010 to 8 times disposable income. Against 8.2 in the United Kingdom, 8.1 in France, 7.8 in Japan, 5.5 in Canada and 5.3 in the United States. Italian families are also relatively little debt, with a total debt equal to 71% of disposable income, while in France and Germany is about 100% of disposable income in the United States and Japan is 125% in Canada 150%, and 165% in the UK.


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