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The real tax burden in Italy is 52%

According to a study of Mestre Cgia the real tax burden in Italy in 2009 reached 51.9%, far more than the 43.2% reported by ISTAT. The research department of the artisans of Mestre arrived at this figure by removing the tax revenue-to-GDP ratio, which determines the tax burden, the underground economy. Istat in fact apply the rules dictated by [...]

Cameron: "huge debt, in view of years of sacrifice"

In an interview with the Sunday Times the new English Prime Minister David Cameron promises years of sacrifice for Great Britain "There is a huge debt that must be addressed. Cross your fingers, waiting for growth and hope to succeed is not an answer "" One of the most shocking things is the extent of the interest we pay on the [...]

An asteroid hits Jupiter

Two amateur astronomers have observed in recent days an object crash into the planet Jupiter. The object, probably an asteroid or a meteorite crashed into Jupiter at 20:31 UTC on June 3, 2010 by generating a strong glow. Anthony Wesley, one of two amateur astronomers who observed the phenomenon (the other amateur astronomer who observed [...]

Chinese workers on strike

Two factories of Honda located in the Chinese province of Guandong closed for two weeks because of a strike by the Chinese operari. The 1900 Chinese workers in the two factories ask for a salary increase to Honda, who had moved part of its production to China because of its low labor costs. According to [...]

A growing GDP in the euro area

In the first quarter of 2010 GDP in the euro area and the EU grew by 0.2% compared to the previous quarter, as it reveals a Eurostat report. Compared to the first quarter of last year, GDP in the euro area grew by 0.6%, in the EU, the increase was 0.5%. In France, GDP grew in [...]

Euro area, the unemployment rate is 10.1%

The unemployment rate in the euro area has reached 10.1% in April compared with 10% the previous month, 0.9% more than in April 2009 (when it was at 9.2%). This is what emerges from a Eurostat report. The unemployment rate in the European Union reached 9.7% in April, the same level as the previous month, [...]