The last flight of the shuttle Atlantis

The shuttle Atlantis took off at 14:20 local time (18:20 UTC, the 20:20 in Italy) for mission STS-132 scheduled to last 12 days. The return is scheduled for 26 May.
The main objective of the mission will be to bring a Russian module Rassvet Mini-Research Module .
This will be the last trip of the shuttle Atlantis, and the third last flight of the space shuttle. The last two Shuttle missions will be the mission STS-133 mission and the STS-134 flight of Atlantis .The first is dated October 3, 1985 (mission 51-J). A total of 32 missions Atlantis were among the most important missions to report the missions that have carried into orbit the Magellan probe (launched in 1989 and bound for Venus, mission STS-30 ) and the Galileo probe (launched in 1989 and bound for Jupiter, mission STS-34 ).

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