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Creation of the artificial life

For the first time was created in a laboratory cell with an artificial DNA that is able to reproduce. The results of the experiment, conducted by the American scientist Craig Venter, were published in the American scientific journal Science. Venter used a bacterium consists of a single cell, Mycoplasma mycoides, inside of which was [...]

Planet devoured by its star

A planet devoured by its star, is the phenomenon that has been identified thanks to a new instrument of the Hubble Space Telescope, the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS). The phenomenon, in which there is no transfer of material between the celestial body and the star was already known, but in the past had been observed only between pairs [...]

Doubled the debts of companies in last 10 years

According to a study Cgia Mestre debts of Italian companies have almost doubled. In the period 1999-2009 the indebtedness of Italian businesses increased by 93.6%. The indebtedness of Italian businesses against the banks has arrived, in 2009, to 933 billion euro. On average, each company has a debt with the banks of € 176,596. [...]

U.S. federal deficit record in April: 82.69 billion dollars

Record federal deficit for the United States in April, the deficit has reached 82.69 billion dollars. Quadruple the deficit in April 2009 amounted to 20.9 billion euro, and much higher than the 45 billion expected by analysts. Through April is the nineteenth consecutive month that ends in liabilities. Since the beginning of [...]

The last flight of the shuttle Atlantis

The space shuttle Atlantis blasted off at 14:20 local time (18:20 UTC, the 20:20 in Italy) for the STS-132 mission scheduled to last 12 days. The return is scheduled for 26 May. The main objective of the mission will be to bring a Russian module Rassvet Mini-Research Module. This will be the last trip of the Shuttle Atlantis, and [...]

Jupiter loses one of its stripes

Jupiter has lost one of its bands. Of the two bands of brown color existing, one above the other below the equator, it is only one left, one above the equator. The discovery was made by an Australian amateur astronomer on May 9 which he published on the internet [...]

The EU launches maxi-plan of 750 billion Euros

A plan of 750 billion Euros (about $ 1,000 billion), was launched yesterday by the EU finance ministers at an extraordinary meeting of ECOFIN in Brussels. The maxi-floor more than $ 700 billion includes the creation of a fund of 500 billion euro will be borne by the EU, in particular [...]