Real Madrid is still the richest team in the world

Deloitte has published the annual report "Football League money" based on the revenues of the budgets of football clubs at 30 June 2009. Real Madrid is confirmed for the fifth consecutive year the company has achieved higher turnover, with 401.4 million euro. In second place Barcelona, ​​last year's winner of the Champions League final in Rome, with a turnover of 365.9 million euro, which has improved the third place in the previous year. Third place went to Manchester United, which last year was second overtaken by Barcelona who beat him in the final of the Champions League, with 327 million euro. The first of these is the Italian Juventus in eighth place, with a turnover of 203.2 million euro, slightly more than half of the turnover of Real Madrid. Thanks largely to 132.2 million euro of the TV rights arising from the contract obtained under the previous management, back in 2006.
Immediately after the Inter and Milan both with a turnover of 195.6 million Euros. Last of the Italian Roma, in twelfth place, with a turnover of 146.4 million Euros.
Of the 20 companies included in the ranking 7 are British, 5 German, 4 Italian, 2 Spanish and French 2. The turnover of these 20 companies has exceeded 3.9 billion Euros.
Despite the economic crisis the company held, although revenue growth for the 20 companies has slowed down compared to previous years. Real Madrid, for example, has increased its revenues by 10% over last year, despite a rather disappointing season.
For Barcelona a year of triumph, not only on the playing fields. The victory of the Spanish league, the Copa del Rey and the Champions League revenues have increased over the previous year of no less than 57 million euro make it capable of Manchester United.
The rankings of the older vintages can be reached from this page.

Football Money League - 2008/09

Location Company Turnover
1 (1) Real Madrid 401.4
2 (3) FC Barcelona 365.9
3 (2) Manchester United 327.0
4 (4) Bayern Munich 289.5
5 (6) Arsenal 263.0
6 (5) Chelsea 242.3
7 (8) Liverpool 217.0
8 (11) Juventus 203.2
9 (10) International 196.5
10 (7) AC Milan 196.5
11 (15) Hamburger SV 146.7
12 (9) AS Roma 146.4
13 (12) Olympique Lyonnais 139.6
14 (16) Olympique de Marseille 133.2
15 (14) Tottenham Hotspur 132.7
16 (13) Schalke 04 124.5
17 (N / A) Werder Bremen 114.7
18 (20) Borussia Dortmund 103.5
19 (N / A) Manchester City 102.2
20 (17) Newcastle United 101.0

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