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Nearly 70% of Italian families own the home in which they live

According to data released by Istat, and referring to 2008, 16.9 million Italian families (representing 68.5% of Italian households) own the house they live in, 4.7 million households live in rent (the 18.9%), and 3.1 million (12.6%) have housing in usufruct or free of charge. 13.4% of households own at [...]

GDP, no overtaking of China on Japan

The Japanese economy remains the second largest economy in the world, at least for 2009. Despite Japan's gross domestic product in 2009 has fallen by 5% was still higher than China. In 2009 the Japanese nominal GDP stood at 5.075 billion dollars while the GDP of China has "stopped" at 4.9 trillion [...]

Sarah Palin and notes on hand

Sarah Palin has stumbled into a new gaffe. Speaking at a convention of the "Tea Party Movement" in Nashville, the former governor of Alaska (nominated as vice president of the U.S. presidential election 2008), was "caught" by the cameras as she read the notes he had written on the palm of the hand. As a student confides in just [...]

Europe prepares a mission to the moon by 2017-2018

The ESA, the European Space Agency is preparing a mission to the moon to be completed by 2017/2018. To make it known, on the sidelines of a press conference held in Cape Canaveral, Simona Di Pippo, ESA Director of Human Spaceflight European Space Agency. The mission is currently planned to launch, aboard a Soyuz launcher from the base [...]

PIIGS in Italy?

In recent days the European stock markets suffered heavy losses, to weigh on European stocks accounts for the concerns of some EU countries. Initially, the country of greatest concern was Greece. Greece have been added in recent days in Spain and Portugal. The EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs [...]

Hubble photographed the collision of two asteroids

The Hubble Space Telescope was able to photograph, for the first time, the collision between two asteroids. The photo, taken last week showed the object called P/2010 A2, and a long tail of debris. Initially mistaken for a comet is also seen that did not emit gases such as comets passing close to the sun [...]

U.S., the historical record deficits in 2010: 1,600 billion dollars

President Barack Obama has presented the federal budget for 2011 envisages expenditure of $ 3.8 trillion. Bad news coming from the front of the deficit, in 2010 the federal deficit will reach the astronomical figure of 1600 billion dollars, equivalent to 10.6% of GDP. This would be the largest deficits in American history, [...]