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News to pay only 35 subscribers in three months to Newsday

In recent months there has been a great discussion about the possibility, advanced by some publishers (the most active in this sense seems to Rupert Murdoch), to make payment to the news sites. This even after the bad news on the front of the sales of newspapers in print and on the economic crisis, which [...]

NASA Shuttle in balance

In late 2008, NASA announced the sale of various materials (suits of the astronauts, the Shuttle engine parts, etc..) Including three Space Shuttle at a price of $ 42 million. The announcement of the sale was aimed at education institutions, science museums, and other organizations. Now NASA has decided [...]

The longest annular eclipse of the millennium

There was now the longest in Asia annular solar eclipse of the millennium. The duration of the eclipse, at its highest, was about 11 minutes and 7 seconds. For the next longest annular eclipse to wait until 23 December 3043. The central moment of the eclipse occurred at 13:39 (now in New [...]

A growing debt of Italian households

The total debt of Italian households rose in 2009 exceeding 524 billion euros, reveals a study by the CGIA Mestre. The average debt per household was 21,270 euros. In Europe, however, the situation is worse than the Italian. In Spain, the household debt has reached 896.7 billion [...]

2009 Italian record for wind power, +30%

The year just ended was a record year for wind power in Italy. In 2009, 1,100 megawatts of installed wind power, 30% more than the previous year, and efficient wind power reached 4,850 megawatts. According to data released by Anev (National Association of wind energy), ENEA (National Agency for new [...]

China becomes world's leading exporter, Germany exceeded the

China has become the largest exporting country in the world beyond Germany. According to figures released by the Federal Office of Statistics in Wiesbaden Germany in the first 11 months of 2009, German exports totaled 734.6 billion euros, equal to 1,050 billion dollars (exports in November rose 1 .6% compared [...]

Microsoft introduces the new HP Tablet

Steve Ballmer has, during the Microsoft keynote at CES in Las Vegas, the new tablet in collaboration with HP, and beat Steve Jobs that in a few weeks (January 26) will present the tablet from Apple. Were not revealed to the specifications of this tablet PC (also called Slate), it seems [...]

Comet swallowed by the Sun

An amateur astronomer in Australia, Alan Watson, watching the images broadcast satellite SOHO (Solar Heliospheric Observatory) are available online has identified a "grazing comet (Comet Sungrazing). In the pictures you see the comet heads toward the sun is swallowed by the star.

Spectacular police chase

They look like the sequences of a movie, and instead it's all real. The chase, needless to say, took place in the USA, California, Orange County.