Taxes, EUR 7800 per year for each Italian

According to a study of CGIA Mestre weight tax (made up solely of taxes, duties and taxes) of every Italian it is equal to almost 7800 Euros, to be precise 7777 Euros. While in Germany the per capita reaches 7052 euro and euro area countries only in France the tax burden is higher than in Italy and amounted to 8053 euro.
The differences do not end there, while in France for taxes for 8053 euro annual social spending per capita is equal to 10,494 euro, and Germany social spending per capita reaches 8,972 euro per year, in Italy social spending pro capita reaches just 7,749 euro per year. Or about 2,745 Euros in France and less than 1,223 euro less than Germany.
Also while in France the balance between taxes paid and social spending is positive and amounted to EUR 2,441 per capita, as well as in Germany amounted to EUR 1,920, in Italy the balance is negative (that is, the fees paid are greater than what is returned to citizens in terms of social spending) and is equal to 28 Euros per capita.


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