GDP per capita, Italy in thirteenth place in Europe

Italy is in thirteenth place in Europe for GDP per capita, is what emerges from the preliminary estimates for 2008 European statistical office Eurostat.
In drawing up the rankings is regarded as the GDP per capita in purchasing power standards (Purchasing Power Standards).

Considering the per capita GDP of the European Union equal to 100 the country with the highest GDP per capita is Luxembourg, with two and a half times the average per capita GDP of the European Union. Following Ireland and the Netherlands.
Of the major countries of the United Kingdom is in seventh place with 117, followed by Germany with 116, France with 107 eleventh and Italy in thirteenth place with 100.
The last places Bulgaria, with 40, Romania, with 46, and Latvia, with 56.
Considering other countries outside the European Union you that Turkey has a GDP per capita in PPS 45, 190 Norway, Switzerland and Iceland 141 119.
The revised estimates for 2008 will be available in December 2009. The standard of purchasing power (Purchasing Power Standards) is an artificial reference currency unit that eliminates the differences in price levels in different countries. So with a PPS buys the same volume of goods and services in all countries.

Considering the historical data of GDP per capita can be seen as the Italian GDP per capita is steadily decreased since 1997.
In 1997, Italian GDP per capita expressed in purchasing power standards reached 119, then a value higher than the GDP per capita French, amounting to 114.6, English, equal to 118.2, not far, 119 against 124.3 from Germany.
In 2008, but the data are not yet definitive ones, increased the difference between the GDP per capita German and Italian, which is lower than English and French.

Recently, the British weekly The Economist has published estimates for GDP per capita in 2009.

According to these estimates, the GDP per capita in 2009 Italian place in eleventh place in Europe, behind France and Germany (eighth and ninth) and ahead of the United Kingdom.

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