Kaguya probe rewrites the topographical map of the lunar surface

The Japanese probe Kaguya has finished its mission last Wednesday.
Game on Sept. 14, 2007 in nearly two years, thanks to its laser altimeter (Laser Altimeter, LALT) has collected data on 6,770,000 points (an average of 6.5 kilometers between the points) of the lunar surface by building the first topographic map Accurate Moon. The previous map was based on "just" 270,000 points and was devoid of data on the polar regions.
Based on the data sent by the probe Kaguya has discovered the presence of a deep canyon 9,060 meters and 10,750 meters high mountain (the highest mountain on Earth is Mount Everest 8,850 meters high according to satellite measurements carried out in 2002), invisible with telescopes.
The probe was precipitated on the moon, as announced on the website of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) at 3:25, Tokyo time, on 11 June.
In this page you have the images sent by the probe. This is the page of the site dedicated to the mission of JAXA sondaKaguya (SELENE).


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