E 'nata Fiat-Chrysler

The agreement between Fiat and Chrysler was officially ended today.
After the appeal at the weekend by some pension funds in Indiana was respite from the Supreme Court of the United States, the two companies were given the green light to the agreement.
Pursuant to the court in New York the old society [...]

Broadband by 2012, allocated 1.47 billion euros

The Deputy Minister of Economic Development with special responsibility for Communications, Paolo Romani announced a plan of government intervention that aims to extend broadband access throughout Italy by the end of 2012. There are currently around 7.5 million Italians, 12%, with no access to broadband. To cancel [...]

Facebook retrieves the domain. Com

The Dispute Resolution Center domains (Crdd) announced that he had relocated to the Facebook domain. 'En', which was the subject of 'cybersquatting'.
The procedure for reassigning the domain lasted just 40 days, and within 30 days Italian users can access directly through the Facebook site facebook.it.
Although in this case cybersquatting [...]