Bank of Italy: public debt record

The Bank of Italy has announced that the national debt has reached a new record in March, 1.741 billion euro, namely 1.741275 trillion euro.
This corresponds to a debt of € 29,021 for each Italian. In February, the public debt had reached 1707410000000000 euro. In addition, tax revenues continue to decline, according to the Bank of Italy in the first quarter of 2009, fell to 81.016 billion, about 4 billion (4.8%) less than the 85.075 billion in the first three months of 2008, Good news on the other hand with regard to the debt of the municipalities, which fell in March to almost a billion euro compared to February rising from 48.18 billion to 47.28 billion, while the debt of the regions remained stable at $ 43 billion.


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