Archive for February 12th, 2009

Pioneer will no longer Tv

Pioneer has announced that it will no longer produce televisions, DVD players and recorders, and blue ray. This decision seems Pioneer is due to losses amounting to 846.6 million dollars last year. In the last quarter has also undergone a major decline (38%) in sales. Pioneer also announced a cut of 10,000 jobs [...]

Released version of the Linux Kernel

It was released today version of the Linux Kernel, the latest stable version of the Linux Kernel. You can download the new version from here: linux- (50.3 MB). The Changelog is here.

Clash of the satellites in orbit

On February 10, two satellites, one American and one Russian have clashed in orbit. The U.S. satellite was part of the Iridium system (a group of satellites for telecommunications), while the satellite was a Russian military satellite (Kosmos-2251). The clash would be at about 800 km in height. The debris resulting from the collision between the two [...]

NVidia close loss in the year

NVidia also affected by the global economic crisis. NVidia has announced that it has closed the fiscal year 2009 (ended January 25 last year) with a loss of $ 30 million, while the previous fiscal year ended with a profit of 797.6 million dollars. In the last quarter of fiscal year 2009 NVidia has a turnover of [...]

WordPress 2.7.1 Released

WordPress 2.7.1 released in recent days. In the new version corrects 68 ticket. On this page there is a complete list of changes from WordPress 2.7 to WordPress 2.7.1. Download the new version, in English, can be made from this page. Download the Italian version can be made from this page.