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FreeBSD, 7.1, released the second release candidate

Announced on Christmas Day release of the second release candidate of FreeBSD 7.1. The download can be made from this page, or directly from these links: 7.1-RC2-i386-dvd1.iso.gz (1.809 MB), 7.1-RC2-amd64-dvd1.iso.gz (1.807 MB).

Mandriva Linux 2009.1, Alpha 1 Released

Announced before Christmas the first alpha release of Mandriva 2009.1. The release notes are available on this page, errata are available on this page. You can download from this page, or directly from these links: mandriva-linux-free-2009.1-alpha-DVD-i586.iso (4.451 MB), mandriva-linux-2009.1-free-dvd-alpha-x86_64.iso (3.903 MB)

Ubuntu 9.04, released the second Alpha

It was announced last Saturday the second alpha release of Ubuntu 9.04, codenamed Jaunty Jackalope. You can download the second alpha of Ubuntu 9.04 from this page or directly from these links: jaunty-desktop-i386.iso (692MB, torrent), jaunty-desktop-amd64.iso (698MB, torrent), jaunty-alternate- i386.iso (686 MB, torrent), jaunty-alternate-amd64.iso (689 MB, torrent).

NASA Space Shuttle sells

NASA intends to dispose of three Space Shuttle as soon as they have completed their operational life, probably by the end of 2010. Announced on its website a Request for Information given to educational institutions, science museums, and other appropriate organizations regarding their ability to acquire and showcase [...]

Toshiba Launches 512 GB SSD

Toshiba has announced the upcoming launch of an SSD (solid state drive) capacity 2.5-inch 512-gigabytes. The new unit, which will be submitted to the ESC program from 8 to 11 next January in Las Vegas, is based on NAND MLC (Multi-Level Cell) to 43 nanometers. The new family consists of [...]

KDE 4.2, available the second beta

It was announced yesterday, the second beta release of KDE 4.2, codenamed Caterpillar. The changelog is available on this page, download the complete source code for KDE 4.1.85 may be made from this page. Instructions on compiling and installing KDE 4.1.85 are available on this page.

Hard Disk 2 TB Western Digital?

Western Digital is apparently about to launch a new hard disk capacity of 2 terabytes. As pointed out by many hard drives, Western Digital CaviarGreen WD20EADS would be sold at a retailer in the Czech Republic at a price of 270 euros ($ 370). The characteristics of the disk on the retailer's site indicate that the hard [...]

Iraq, journalist launches shoes against Bush

"This is your goodbye kiss, dog," these words said by the journalist Muntadar al-Zeid, the Iraqi TV Al Baghdadi but based in Cairo, before launching into the U.S. president's shoes that had just removed. We must recognize that President Bush has good reflexes, given the readiness [...]

Released version Linux Kernel

It was released last week the Linux Kernel version, the latest stable Linux kernel. You can download the new version from here: linux- (48 MB). The Changelog is here.

FreeBSD 7.1, released the first release candidate

Announced yesterday the release of RC1 FreeBSD 7.1. We will be releasing at least one release candidate before final release expected in about three weeks. The RC1 can download from this page, or directly from these links: 7.1-RC1-i386-dvd1.iso.gz (1.808 MB), 7.1-RC1-amd64-dvd1.iso.gz (1.806 MB).

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