Sony sold 17 million PlayStation 3

Since its debut in 2006 were sold almost 17 million (16.84 million) PlayStation 3, Sony announces it.
During the second quarter of fiscal 2008, which ended September 30, have been sold 2.43 million PlayStation 3, which added to the 14.41 million sold by 30 June 2008 brings the total [...]

Wikipedia for schools on dvd

The Wikimedia Foundation has announced the release of the 2008/2009 audit of the Wikipedia Selection for Schools "edition of Wikipedia on DVD dedicated to schools.
This edition contains approximately 5500 articles, 34,500 pictures, and 20 million words, which correspond to about 20 volumes of an encyclopedia.
This review, which can be freely downloaded via torrent: schools-wikipedia-full-20080229.tar.gz.torrent or consulted [...]

Nehalem coming in November?

Ought just to the arrival on the market for the new family of Intel processors, codenamed Nehalem, whose output was expected at the end of 2008.
Intel CEO Paul Otellini confirmed that Intel has begun shipments of the processors to its customers. According to some sources collected by TG Daily, the launch of [...]

Google Earth comes sull'iPhone

Google has announced that its Google Earth is available for free on iPhone and iPod Touch.
With Google Earth you can sull'iPhone

Read Wikipedia articles geolocalisation
Search on cities, places, businesses around the world thanks to Google Local Search
View the Panoramio layer and browse millions of geo-image around the world

You [...]

Kills the avatar of her husband and is arrested

They had known in a game on the internet, Maple Story, in which players can create a character and through this character may initiate relationships with other characters created by other players.
Their characters were married in the game although they had not ever seen him in the face living in Tokyo and she [...]

The weight of politics

Too heavy or too light him the chair?
The South African deputy and chairman of the Finance Committee, Nhlanhla Nene during an interview to the South African SABC breaks the chair on which sits in the legs and go.
A premonitory crunch has not aroused particular concern Nhlanhla Nene, who has continued to speak, after a moment of surprise, until [...]

Apple sold 13 million iPhone

13 million, is the number of iPhone sold by Apple according to estimates.
Starting from July, when it was introduced the iPhone 3G have been sold 6.9 million iPhone, while the first generation of iPhone has been sold 6.1 million.
Apple has achieved (and exceeded) the objective that was set to sell 10 million [...]

Playstation, Sony refers exit the game for fear reactions Muslims

Sony has postponed the release of Little Big Planet game scheduled for October 24.
The reason that has prompted Sony to postpone the presence of a piece of the soundtrack of the game that contains some verses from the Koran.
The alert came from a Muslim on an online forum. Sony, which had already delivered the game [...]

Apple has sold over 200 million episodes of TV series

Apple announced last week that the four major networks, ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, will offer programs from the iTunes store in primetime. Apple has sold through the iTunes store, shop online for the sale of music and movies run by Apple, more than 200 million episodes of TV series, over 1 million [...], the return

Closed in January this year, after it cost the modest sum of 45 million euros, it could revise light.
According to statements by the Secretary of Tourism Michela Brambilla start shortly before the relaunch of the portal. The new project will be presented at a press conference in about a week.
According to Brambilla
The [...]